Omo-Oluwa-Shasha Forest Reserves

The Omo-Oluwa-Shasha Forest Reserves contain some of the last remaining forest in South-Western Nigeria. These have been found to be biologically unique but are threatened by logging, over-hunting and clearance for farmland.In 2007, British Gas (BG) funded the first phase of a program, implemented by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), to establish a protected area in these three reserves.This first phase aimed to establish whether areas of natural forest remained of sufficient size and value to be conservation areas and to make recommendations for conservation.

The NCF report found that:

  • 40% of the natural forest in the reserves still remains.
  • The Omo and Shasha forests are still connected, but Oluwa has become isolated from these.
  • Elephant and Chimpanzee are still present.


The report recommended that:

  • All logging, hunting, farming and human settlement in natural forest should be stopped.
  • Logging activity shasha forest reserve.
  • Logging truck on road inside Shasha Forest Reserve
  • Two protected areas should be established – one comprising of Western Omo/Shasha and another comprising of Oluwa.
  • The area connecting the Omo and Shasha forests near Etemi should be allowed to regenerate.
  • Management plans should be drawn up for the forest surrounding the new protected areas.
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