Lekki Conservation Centre (Lcc): Treasure on the Peninsula, Proud Legacy of NCF

Lekki Conservation Centre Lekki Conservation Centre Evans Airhekholo

From its origin and establishment in 1990 by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) has grown into one of Africa’s prominent and most-diverse urban Nature Parks due to its high species richness. It is located in the coastal environs covering an approximate land area of 78 hectares, extending from kilometer 19 along the Lagos-Epe Expressway and ends up a very close distance to the Atlantic Ocean near Okun Ibeju Village, Eti-Osa Local Government Area in the Eastern district of Lagos State. LCC can be accessed through the Lagos-Epe Expressway.


Widely acclaimed as an icon of nature conservation and pearl of ecotourism, Lekki Conservation Centre represents the flagship project of NCF for the preservation of the unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific and recreational values of the coastal environs of the south-western Nigeria. It is therefore one of the best urban parks to satiate visitors’ curiosity of nature.


It is the only vibrant protected area in Lagos State and one of the very few vibrant tourist destinations of repute in Lagos and has thus been recognized as one of the notable Sites/Monuments of special interest and exceptional relevance by the Lagos State Government under the LISTED SITES for the preservation, protection and restoration of historical properties and cultural heritage in Lagos State and for connected purposes.

 Eku Edewor, Lynxxx and Project Manager, LCC, Adedayo Memudu, during a shoot segment at the LCC.

As a Resource Centre, LCC is a model for promotion of environmental education and public awareness/understanding of the natural world due to the rapidly increasing threats to the natural environment, the need to stem the alarming loss of the natural environment and the attendant potentially drastic consequences for the planet as well as the concerns for the future conduct, welfare, happiness and survival of mankind on earth.


With LCC, NCF intends to demonstrate that wildlife is integral to the ecosystems on which people rely for their survival and that we can ensure that the world’s wildlife has the space and resources it needs to thrive in harmony with people.  


Special Features

  • The LCC’s   401-metre long canopy walkway is a scenic attraction reputed to be the longest canopy walkway in Africa. It is an engineering feat and an amazing suspended swinging bridge walkway through the mosaic of vegetation types characterizing the LCC Nature Park. It has the entry & exit portals connecting six towers treating visitors to unique experience/unforgettable chance to explore the Nature Park and get a bird’s eye/panoramic view of the habitat types and sight the unique wildlife that inhabit the Lekki Conservation Centre.


  • The 2-km board offers excellent nature walks and bird watching opportunities.


  • Family Park is a world-class picnic haven and offers nature walks, picnic & sporting facilities.  


  • Tree House


  • Nature Station 


  • Bird Hide


  • Swamp Look-out Station


  • Rotunda


  • 96-Seater Gazebos


  • 6 and 8-seater Family Huts


  • Floor Games (Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, Chess and Street Tennis)


  • Koi & Tilapia ponds


  • Beach Volley-ball courts & Spectators’ pavilion


  • Barbecue joints


  • Jungle gym facilities (Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc)


  • Serene and secure environment


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