Partnership Development

With an intention to upgrade her capacity on networking and relationship building with relevant conservation groups, States and agencies both locally and internationally, NCF opened a new strategic operations desk in the Technical programmes Department in 2009.

The new desk focuses on institutional fundraising and policy advocacy apart from playing active roles in project development.

Partnership development is an integral part of conservation and fund raising efforts of the NCF. In line with this objective, NCF reviewed her relationship guidelines and appoint new gatekeepers for her international partners including BirdLife International, Wetlands International, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, World Conservation Union, World Wide Fund for Nature and Fauna and Flora International.

Within Nigeria, we encouraged collaboration with relevant Government agencies and continue playing active roles in various national and Stated based committees, working groups and task forces.

In 2009, NCF-Ondo State relationship resulted in the development of a blueprint for the development of a wildlife Park in former Ifon Forest Reserve. That relationship culminated brought about the joint commitment of NCF and Ondo State to support biodiversity conservation activities and ecotourism development in Ifon Forest Reserve.

NCF maintained her leadership of the African Partnership of BirdLife International and engaged with Wetlands International on a joint mission to design a wetland valuation project in support of biodiversity in wetlands of the Niger Delta.

As part of our partnership intervention, NCF facilitated the commencement of efforts on the removal of a ship wreck in Olomo-meta beach, Agaja in Ojo Local Government of Lagos State in 2009. This singular but very important action was supported by a consortium of stakeholders in order to avert the danger of breakage of the Lagos lagoon into the Atlantic Ocean as a result of massive coastal erosion caused by the ship wreck.

NCF’s leadership role on this project attracted interest of relevant Government agencies and institutions involved in coastal resource management and conservation in Nigeria.

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