Environmental Services

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) provides Environmental Services (ES) using a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) model to create solutions to environmental issues in Nigeria. NCF has a pool of experts in various fields of environmental science and management. Our team of specialists can provide professional advice to help organizations and communities comply with regulations and requirements for a sustainable environment. 


Our multidisciplinary expertise includes:


  • Ecology: ecological assessment, interpretations and solutions for management, development and physical projects


  • Carbon management: measurement, auditing, foot printing and low carbon strategy development


  • Climate change: climate change risk assessment, adaptation and strategic advice on climate change policy and regulations


  • Biological Surveys: Ecosystem Assessments, Ecosystem valuation and environmental economics


  • Biodiversity Policy and Legislation


  • Geographical Information System:  spatial studies and analysis


  • Training and Capacity Building: Skill development on methods of wildlife management, environmental education, Park Planning and natural resource management.


Our Experience


The NCF Environmental Services Programme has provided services in the following area:


1.    Biodiversity Survey of Ifon Forest Reserve, now Osse River Park, Ondo State.


2.    Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool development (IBAT).


3.    Biodiversity Risk Assessment and Opportunity Assessment (BROA).


4.    Independent Tree Audit (ITA).


5.    Rapid Stock Assessment for Site identification for the Niger Delta Conservation Centre.


6.    Geographical Information System (GIS) Training.


7.    Developed Protected Areas Map for Nigeria Biodiversity and Tropical Forestry Assessment.


8.    Training on Environmental education.  


Our Clients


  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


  • British American Tobacco Company (BAT).


  • Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL).


  • Federal Ministry of Environment, Invasive Species Unit.


  • USAID.


  • Ondo State Government, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.







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