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Birds are quite inseparable from our daily life as they provide numerous immeasurable services, which range from roles as ecosystem pollinators, to their aesthetic value and most importantly as indicators of the environment.

To preserve these species and their habitats from threats while providing an opportunity for tourism, NCF is initiating voluntary urban-based bird conservation group across states in the country. The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) recognises the important role volunteers and amateur bird enthusiasts can play in the conservation of urban birds and their habitat.

Hence, these urban bird clubs will help nurture the stake of bird conservation around their respective areas through regular bird-watching expeditions to key birding sites within these urban areas. NCF believes that through systematic bird-watching activities in cities, we can accumulate interesting checklists and information database on bird species to stir conservation actions to ameliorate these avifauna species.

The clubs will also help to improve the low level of awareness on the economic benefits of birds, importance of their habitats and significance of conserving biodiversity in general.


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