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The Lekki Conservation Centre will be closing early on Tuesday, 19th of December, 2017 at 1:00pm. Full activities will resume on Wednesday, 20th December, 2017 and all through the yuletide period.


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Chief Ede Dafinone has been made the Chairman of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). The renowned accountant, who is also on the Guinness Book of Records for being the family with the highest number of professional accountants, was unanimously elected at the 25th General Meeting of the Foundation in Lagos. He replaces Ambassador Hamzat Ahmadu who held the position for 8 years. Dafinone who is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAN) in England, Wales and Nigeria, is also the Chairman of the Finance and Establishment Committee and has been the Treasurer of the Foundation since 1989. He will be steering the affairs of the council for three years. Other members of the National Executive Council elected at the occasion were Former Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, Former Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism and Inter-Governmental Relations, Disun Holloway, Dr. Adetokunbo Alakija and Mrs. Bunmi Adeniji. Some other members of the Council were also reelected. 
The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) has called on the incoming administration to urgently look into the on-going Green Great Wall Project of the Federal Government to ensure its proper implementation and monitoring. At the 25th Annual General meeting of the Foundation in Lagos, NCF President, Izoma Philip Asiodu said that the Federal Government had announced that it had made a commitment of N10 billion towards the implementation of the African Union-backed programme, the Great Green Wall. The project, according to the plan, brings together 11 countries to plant trees across Africa so as to hold back the Sahara desert with a swathe of greenery, which will hopefully lessen the advance of desertification and improve the lives and livelihoods of communities affected by the scourge of climate change. The Nigerian Project stretches from Zamfara and Kebbi States in the North West corner along the northern border of Nigeria to the extreme eastern border in Borno State. Asiodu however observed that such a similar government and donor projects was announced in the past, which unfortunately, through neglect and improper implementation, often excluding community participation and ownership, became dismal failures. According to him, the failure to implement such a good project had allowed…
A synopsis on Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia) – Plant made up of poisonous part Beware of the dumb cane plant Dieffenbachia seguine, is a common, popular exotic indoor ornamental plant in Nigeria. It is in the in the family of Araceae. It is propagated through stem/cane cutting. It is an invasive indoor/house plant. Primarily it is used as an ornamental and sometimes employed for medicinal and other miscellaneous uses (Bosch et al., 2002). The stem and root extracts have been described as a narcotic, a gastric and kidney irritant and historically used as arrow poisons by the West Indians in the new world (Cheney, 1931). It is reported to be highly poisonous plant to humans and when brought into the eye, the sap can cause injury of the cornea and all parts of the plant are very poisonous when ingested (Ardittia and Rodrigueza, 1982; Fochtman et al., 1969; Cumpston et al., 2003). This plant can cause blistering and swelling in the mouth may be severe enough to prevent normal speaking and swallowing. Different shades of Dumb cane plant (Dieffenbachia seguine) at Finima Nature Park The sap from the stem and leaves of this highly poisonous plant is known to contain dangerous…
Download a copy of our Annual Reports and Financial Statements. Contents: Highlights of the year 2013 About NCF President's Speech Chairman Speech Director General's Report Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management Environmental Education and Awareness Policy Advocacy Action Overview of NCF Membership Reports of the Independent Auditors 2013 Members of NCF Board of Trustees (BOT) 2013 Members of NCF National Executive Council
The Lekki Conservation Centre ( LCC ) will not be opened to the public (visitors) on Tuesday, 5th May, 2015 due to the official commissioning of the LCC Family Park by His Excellency, Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola.
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