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The Lekki Conservation Centre will be closing early on Tuesday, 19th of December, 2017 at 1:00pm. Full activities will resume on Wednesday, 20th December, 2017 and all through the yuletide period.


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An Environmental NGO in Nigeria is currently seeking to recruit competent, committed, self motivated and matured candidate for the position of Senior Conservation Officer, Technical in charge of Policy and Campaigns. WORK LOCATION: ABUJA JOB OBJECTIVE: To identify and advocate for effective policy solutions to protect Nigeria’s wildlife and habitats, especially migratory land birds and support the profile of the organization as a known and respected organization amongst decision-makers and opinion-formers. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: To ensure that the Foundation is abreast of relevant policy developments. To assist to develop and implement a policy strategy for the organization, to deliver the organization’s policy and advocacy ambitions to 2019, including on migratory land birds. To assist to identify and develop policy solutions that can deliver the policy strategy priorities. To assist to develop and implement advocacy campaigns that deliver the organization’s policy solutions to a wide range of audiences, including government officials and ministers, legislators, businesses, technical specialists, other Nigerian and international NGOs and local advocate groups. To integrate policy and advocacy activities. To assist to advocate for policy work in the media where necessary. To assist and ensure that policy and advocacy is well planned, prioritized and achieved through the use…
The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) conceived the Green Recovery Nigeria (GRN) initiative in response to the dire need for retaining a significant proportion of Nigeria’s landmass under forest. This is because the Foundation, as the leading Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) focused on environmental sustainability, fully understands how forests play significant roles in livelihood and national unity, given the fact that a good number of Nigerians rely on it for livelihood through local, regional and global trade. Forest resources are known to provide employment for over 2 million people through supply of fuel wood and poles and more than 80,000 people also work in the log processing industries, especially in the forest zone of the South –West Nigeria, according to Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. However, NCF takes cognizance of the fact that the forest is a renewable natural resource and its stock has become diminished because the rate of exploitation has exceeded its regenerative capacity. This knowledge, supported by data on current and past forest distribution in Nigeria, propelled action from NCF through the GRN project to reforest Nigeria. According to available statistics, Nigeria lost 36% of its primary forests between 1990 and 2005, thus putting our…
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